McDonald’s announce Covid-19 Happy Meal

Fast food giant McDonald’s have announced a new range of Covid-19 themed happy meals.

Customers will be able to collect six Covid themed toys, including nurses and doctors in face masks, mini-respirators and social distancing stickers.

“We’re pleased to announce that children will get a taste of Covid-19 with every Happy Meal. It’s something we’re really excited about.”

Happy Meal ranges usually offer film or TV tie-ins, but with Covid-19 the only show in town, McDonald’s are clearly moving with the times.

The new range will be launched in early August under the tagline ‘Get Happy with Covid in every meal.’

The announcement has received mixed reactions, with the HSE praising recognition being offered to frontline workers. Parent’s organisations have been less enthusiastic.

“I bring the kids to McDonalds for a tasty treat, not to get Covid in their meal. Frankly, I find it appalling and am starting a Boycott McDonalds hashtag,” said one parent.

Several other parents have expressed their concern to DTTN by sending frowny faces via Whatsapp.

“We take customer feedback very seriously, especially social media emojis” said the McDonald’s spokesperson.

“There is no evidence that our meals contain Covid, except that great toy inside. We’re lovin’ it and so will you!”

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