Bankrupt NRA announces shoot-off fundraiser

The National Rifle Association has announced plans for a special shoot-off fundraiser, after filing for bankruptcy.

“This has been a helluva week for American patriots,” said an NRA spokesperson. “First peaceful protests at the Capitol are violently snuffed out, and now this.

That’s why we’re raisin’ spirits with our first ever NRA Shoot-Off.”

The Shoot-Off, which will be held in a marquee outside NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Virgina, will pit a dozen shooters against each other in a fight to be crowned Shoot-Off champion.

“It’ll be like that baking show, only with Glocks and Uzis insteada flour and yeast,” said the spokesperson. “We’ll have showstoppers and contestant’s personal weapons with sentimental backstories.”

One shooter will be eliminated in each round, with the last contestant standing winning the top prize of a golden rifle. Paul Hollywood is understood to have declined an offer to appear as a guest judge.

The NRA has blamed their bankruptcy on the fall in gun related activity due to the lack of large scale events during the Coivd pandemic.

“We’ve not had a good rampage at a concert or ball game, not even a measly school shooting,” said the spokesperson. “That’s why we’re inviting all members with credit cards to the Shoot-Off. It’s going to be a chance to meet folks and blow off some steam.”

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