Office worker ceases to exist due to admin error

Local office worker Dina Dineen was shocked this week to discover that she no longer existed due to a data entry error.

  Dineen, a popular and long-term employee of Mega Tech Corp, was accidentally omitted from a database of employees that was uploaded to the company’s new benefits portal.

   The database was then used by IT to clean up old and inactive profiles. Dineen’s profile was amongst those culled.

     “I don’t know what the hell is going on,” stated a distressed Dineen, “I can’t log into my email and my phone doesn’t work. I’ve tried asking colleagues for help, but they just act like I’m not there.”

     The case has also proven awkward for Dineen’s colleagues, who are puzzled at the physical presence of what appears to be a stranger in their office space.

      “We had cake for Maria’s birthday,” said one colleague, “and this woman was just floating around the edges. We didn’t know where to look. It was really inappropriate, we had to ask security to escort her away. Then the next morning she turned up at the desk next to me. It’s freaking me out.”

    Dineen has attempted to raise her plight with both IT and HR. Both departments deny any knowledge of her existence and are hoping if they ignore her long enough she’ll just go away.

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