Over 70s creating surge in demand for Fake IDs

Previously the domain of the underage drinker, Fake IDs are now in high demand from cocooning over 70s, according to local forgery expert Donny Connors.

    “5km doesn’t take you very far. A lot of older people would like to get out for a walk on the beach, or just visit their favourite supermarket. However, they are afraid of passing through Garda checkpoints. That’s where I can help.”

    Connors provides a range of driver’s licenses and ID cards that show the holder’s age as 65.

“It gives them that bit of comfort that they’ll get through the checkpoints,” he said. “And they’re much more respectful than the bloody teenagers I usually deal with.”

   Connors also provides a cheat sheet with every purchase that gives hints and tips on appearing younger at a Garda checkpoint. These tips include:

  • Wearing a colourful t-shirt with a stupid slogan
  • Wearing a baseball hat backwards
  • Wearing a Bluetooth headset
  • Blaring an infernal racket from the stereo
  • Having an iPhone visible on the passenger seat
  • Using young person slang such as ‘yo’ and ‘radical’
  • Asking Guards for a selfie

To date Connors has provided over 200 IDs to the over 70s and he stated that he will continue to do his bit to help the community battle Covid-19.

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