Leaving Cert students plying teachers with ‘points’ gift boxes

With Leaving Cert results now set to be decided by predictive grading, many students are scrambling to repair strained teacher relationships.

And a new scheme launched by local student Emer O’Rowe may be of assistance with their bridge-building.

    “I’ve been a total shit for the last 18 months,” said O’Rowe, “so I’ve sent all my teachers personalised gift boxes to make it up to them. 600 points in the bag, easy.”

    ‘Points’ Boxes offer a selection of teacher friendly treats including a box of Barry’s Tea, a selection of biscuits, chalk, an apple, and a card with a bespoke haiku of toady flattery.

O’Rowe advertised the service on social media and has been inundated with orders from around the country.

    “If you want to get to college, and you’ve maybe been a bit naughty, then a Points Box is an essential aide.

    I’ve had one girl who put laxatives in her Geography teacher’s coffee, and a lad who keyed his Irish teacher’s car. They shouldn’t miss out on courses due to a vindictive backlash.”

Parents groups have welcomed the initiative, and have called on the Department of Education to set up a Points Box fund to ensure that all students have an equal chance of obtaining maximum points.

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