Local bachelor gets internet, confused it won’t work on old Nokia phone

A local bachelor has finally gotten the internet installed, but is upset after realising it would not work on his ancient Nokia handset

Timmy Greengrass (67), who lives alone on the family farm told DTTN that he found this modern technology lark fierce confusing.

“The lads down the pub keep telling me to get the net, that there’s all sorts on it,” said Greengrass. “So I rang up the internet crowd and got them to stick it in.”

Greengrass, who has had the same Nokia 3310 since 2001, was confused when the internet failed to materialise on his handset.

“The fella said the internet would show up on me phone, but divil a bit. I rang the support number they gave me, but when I told them what I used they just laughed.

Now I’m been told I need something called a smartphone, or a tablet, which you can’t get from the chemist, so I’m confused.

I just wanted to go online with the girls of the internet. The sexy Asian ones. I didn’t think it’d be this complicated, especially for the cost – I could get five pints a month for this.”

Greengrass has written a letter to Nokia asking for further instructions on how to connect his 3310.

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