Worldwide audience expected for American Advertising Bowl

Viewers from around the world are keenly anticipating tonight’s annual American Advertising Bowl, as our favourite corporations reveal exciting new 30 second TV spots.

The Advertising Bowl, the world’s most watched advertising programming, is expected to feature fresh content from Bud Light, Coors and BMW amongst others.

“I can’t wait,” said one fan. “These advertising events are what we all look forward to. I’m going to a watch party at a friend’s house. With Dorito chips and dips!”

“These ads are so witty and entertaining and validate my choice as a consumer,” said another fan as he opened a Bud Light in his BMW.

Others expressed concern that recent years has seen too much sporting content interrupt the hi-octane night of advertising.

“Last year they kept cutting to some guys in helmets running in to each other. Boring! I hope there’s less of that this year. Maybe just keep the football stuff to the half-time show.”

Yet more fans are looking forward to R&B star Usher’s performance.

“Usher is just like me, except he’s rich and famous,” said a fan. “I can’t wait to see what brands he’s wearing or promoting on Twitter. My credit cards are ready and waiting!”

The American Advertising Bowl kicks off at 11.30pm Irish time live on Virgin Media Two.

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