Brendan O’Carroll to star in Mrs. Doubtfire reboot

Brendan O’Carroll is to play the titular lead in the Mrs. Doubtfire reboot, 20th Century Studios has announced.

The original 1993 film starred Robin Williams as a divorced father who dresses up as a housekeeper to gain access to his children.

In the new version, O’Carroll’s character is a ‘comedian’ and actor who dresses up as an elderly woman in order to advance his career and produce terrible television programs. O’Carroll will also direct.

“It’s time for the Doubtfire franchise to enter the 21st century,” said a studio spokesperson. “Problematic elements from the previous version, such as Williams’ wit and the sentimental messaging will be discarded. Instead we’ll focus on the core dynamics of a middle-aged man dressing up as an old woman.”

O’Carroll has declared himself “excited” about the project, stating that the Doubtfire reboot would allow him “show his range” as an actor.

“The public have long associated me with Mrs. Brown, but now they will be able to see me as Mrs. Doubtfire, a character I in no way completely ripped off previously.”

Mrs. Doubtfire’s Big Pair, is to begin filiming this summer for a Christmas release, and will feature non-stop double entendres and O’Carroll’s trademark spinning Christmas tree.

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