Local Stoner visited by really wise badger

A local stoner had a life altering experience this Monday after seeing a cloud that looked just like a massive fluffy badger.

     Jay Johnson, who has watched The Big Lebowski 87 times and self-identifies as ‘The Dude’, was, puffing his way through a fat spliff at the local park when he spotted the odd sight.

     “I thought, whoa,” said Johnson “Chinese Kev must have slipped me the hydroponic shit. But, no, I looked again and there it was just, like, awesome.”

     The badger, which came into view just behind a large oak tree, lingered in Johnson’s view for some while before drifting eastwards.

     “It was just like, this really wise badger, you know?” said Johnson. “And he wasn’t like, judging or anything, just sitting there all like, chill and like, respect, bro.”

     Johnson attempted to initiate a conversation with the badger, who remained enigmatically uncommunicative.

 “I knew he had, like, a message for me, man,” he stated, “like passing on his wisdom, some profound shit. I think he was just like, I dunno, a bit shy.”

     While the badger, and its current whereabouts, remain a mystery Johnson has vowed to keep vigil at the park every day as he seeks further guidance, and maybe a game of bowling.

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