Limerick to rebrand as nation’s party capital

The nation has been basting in moral indignation after Gardai were called to stop Castletroy residents setting off fireworks and dancing in the streets on Tuesday night.

However, Limerick City Council is taking an altogether sunnier view of the lockdown flouting shenanigans.

“A few buckos acting the maggot isn’t a good look for Limerick,” said one councillor, “but we need to think long term. This gives us a tremendous opportunity to rebrand as a party city once everything is back to normal.

The hens and stags are mad for Galway and Kilkenny. We never get a sniff.  Even the Cork feckers get more action,” lamented another councillor.  “Our top class bars and restaurants deserve better. Why go elsewhere when you can hang in the city that partied through Covid?”

DTTN has seen council documents for the Limerick on the Lash campaign, details of which are being shared with all bars in the wider Limerick area.

“We’ll have Limerick you’re a Lady sashes for the girlies and novelty Willie O’Dea moustaches for the lads. And a free bag of fireworks for groups of ten or more. It’s going to be mighty craic!”

Limerick on the Lash will be officially launched at Thomond Park this Saturday.

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