Lockdown protesters invited to join NPHET

A cross-section of the lockdown protesters who stormed Dublin at the weekend have been invited to join NPHET.

Many of the protestors, who believe that lockdowns during a pandemic and vaccines are a violation of their human rights, have been offered the positions in lieu of jail time.

“We want a harmonious, inclusive Ireland,” said a Department of Health spokesperson. “Dr. Holohan and Dr. Glynn dominate the public discourse with their science and rational thinking. The time has now come for a more balanced conversation.

The protestors impressed us with their ill-informed, fact-free diatribes, coming mainly from a place of dark emotional irrationality. They are the ideal counterpoint to the boring sciencey stuff NPHET keep inflicting on us. Some of them could have lengthy political careers ahead.”

Protest leaders welcomed the news from their jail cells, stating that it was a victory for the common man.

“They say empty vessels make the most noise, but they can go fuck themselves! Today we take on Covid, tomorrow the world!” stated a press release scribbled in crayon on the back of a Chinese Take Away menu.

Dr. Holohan and Dr. Glynn are not believed to be pleased with the move, and are planning a mass counter demonstration in Dublin this weekend.

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