Brexiteers call for boycott of French goods

Brexit supporters have called for British citizens to boycott all French goods.

The move comes as Britain struggles to adjust to post Brexit regulations, leading to food shipments being marooned in European ports.

“The EU is saying that we is a third country,” said one Brexit supporter. “We ain’t third, we’re number one. We rule the fackin’ waves. And the Euro Tunnel.”

“Who do these bleedin’ Frogs think they are?” said a UKIP fan. “We tell them to get stuffed, then they pull out all these extra forms for us to sign. It’s well dodgy.”

To retaliate for all the unfair extra bureaucracy Brexit supporters have started boycotting French goods and services.

“I like a nice burgundy and some French cheese of an evening, but I’m switching to British Wensleydale and Blue Nun,” said one outraged Aldi customer.

Other Brexiteers have taken to Twitter denouncing French culture.

“I’ve tossed all me Daft Punk CDs down the shitter,” said Twitter user Bulldog84. “They go on about being Around the World, but the fuckers won’t let pork chops through the channel.”

Some Man United supporters have called on fans to boo the team’s French contingent Paul Pogba & Anthony Martial.

“Paul and Anthony came over ‘ere and took our jobs. But blocking our broccoli is a step too far. Boooooo.”

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