International Community to build a wall around United States

The international community is coming together to build a wall around to United States, to stop their madness infecting other countries.

“Frankly, we’ve had enough of their shit,” said a spokesperson for Piss off America (POA). “If they’re not starting wars, or installing dictatorships in third world countries, they’re force feeding endless re-runs of Friends down every TV network in the world.”

Some nations favoured waiting until the results of today’s election were known, but POA believe the opportunity for reconciliation has passed.

“There’s only so much dropping of ‘u’s from colour and flavour we can take,” said the spokesperson, “and don’t get me started on the fucking junk food. Or the racism. Or the misplaced sense of exceptionalism. Or the endless narcissistic entitlement.”

The proposed wall will seal off the United States at the Canadian and Mexican borders and also block off all coastal areas.

President Trump fired back at POA on Twitter stating the US would “build a wall around every FAKE country that voted against us” and that air force planes would immediately begin shelling EU countries with “round after round of beautiful chlorinated chicken. Tremendous fillets.”

The first POA freighter full of bricks and mortar is due to depart from Rotterdam tomorrow.

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