Liveline to broadcast 24/7 to support Dublin lockdown

RTE’s flagship phone-in show Liveline is to broadcast non-stop as Dublin endures Level 3 Covid restrictions.

The show, which will be fronted by a hyper-caffeinated Joe Duffy, will broadcast on the specially commissioned 89.19 frequency.

“As well as having a higher instance of Covid than the rest of the country, Dublin also has a higher proportion of moaners. We hope that having Joe on tap 24/7 to pretend to listen to their rantings will act as a release valve,” said an RTE spokesperson.

Despite having more resources and facilities than the rest of the country combined, residents of our nation’s capital are feeling hard done by.

“It’s a disgrace,” said one Liveline caller, “the culchies are all living it up in their wet pubs and we’re reduced to the bargain bin at the local off license.”

“Just because I have Covid I shouldn’t be denied the right to sup in other counties,” said another caller, en route to a pub in Co. Meath.

Duffy has welcomed the move, stating that it was an important part of RTE fulfilling its public broadcasting remit.

“The people of Dublin are feeling unloved and neglected, a bit like the West in famine times,” said Duffy. “I’m here to tell them that we at RTE care, and earn a bit of overtime while I’m at it.”

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