Apple announces the iFart to record pre-orders

Tech giants Apple have announced the first ever iFart to huge fanfare and record pre-orders.

The move has been hailed as brave strategic decision as Apple continues to innovate and push the envelope despite a global pandemic.

The iFart is a mason jar that an Apple engineer has farted into and then sealed. The customer simply opens the jar and lets the sweet iFart aroma waft over them.

Announcing the iFart, Apple CEO Tim Cook described it as “our ultimate bespoke user experience.”

Customers will not only be able to select the colour of their iFart, but can select from an exciting range of pongs, which will be dependent on what the engineer had for lunch.

“If you want magenta curry, you can have it, or green pepperoni pizza. Our engineers and canteen team’s creativity knows no bounds.”

Tech journalists have praised the iFart as “the ultimate in minimalistic, sleek architecture,” and cooed over its “intuitive user interface that really knocks you for six.”

Apple aficionados can plump for the iFart +, which will contain farts from at least two engineers, or the iFart Platinum, which will have a personalised fart from Tim Cook.

The iFart goes on sale this week, with prices starting from €599.

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