Varadkar proposes Jedward as new Ministers for Agriculture

An Tanaiste Leo Varadkar has proposed pop duo Jedward as the new Ministers for Agriculture.

Varadkar, who never knowingly misses a PR opportunity, made his suggestion after watching John and Edward Grimes owning fellow pop star Jim Corr on social media over his anti-face mask protests.

“John and Edward are an inspiration to the young people of Ireland, and are at the frontline of our fight against Covid-19,” said Varadkar.

“People will ask what pop stars know about agriculture, but that can’t do any worse than the last two muppets Michael gave us.

They’ve also got experience in Europe, so we can always move them on to an EU Commissioner post, should an opening appear.”

Reaction from Fianna Fail TDs to the announcement has been overwhelmingly negative.

“Fine Gael are making a mockery of our political culture,” said one backbencher, “you’d never find Fianna Fail treating our democratic process with such contempt.”

Jedward reacted to the nomination by posting an Instagram video necking a bag of Skittles and singing a medley of Corrs songs.

 DTTN visited Jim Corr at his PPE bonfire, where the guitarist told us he expected nothing less from the ruling lizard class.

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