Local Flasher delighted by recent heatwave

A local flasher has expressed his delight at the recent fine weather the area has been experiencing.

Barry Balls (63), who spends his days frequenting the local park, had expressed concern over the unseasonably dull and wet conditions that afflicted much of the past month.

“Being a flasher is difficult at the best of times,” said Balls “but whipping your tackle out in the driving rain is no fun. That’s why the flashing community always looks forward to the summer months.”

Balls lamented a lack of young women frequenting the park due to the inclement weather, and fears over social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Lockdown was a dark time. I’d be sitting on the corner bench in my Mac for hours on end, with not a sinner passing.”

Now that the sun is shining, Balls has a spring in his step again.

“The past few days have been great fun. There’s all sorts of lovelies coming out for picnics, or just to read their book, and I’ve been delighted to make their acquaintance.”

Despite numerous complaints, Gardai have not yet taken action against Balls. A local Garda representative told DTTN that enquires were continuing in the hope of raising some firmer evidence

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