Mundy left disappointed yet again with arrival of August

Singer-songwriter Mundy has expressed disappointment with August yet again replacing July as the calendar marches forward without mercy.

“It really gets me down,” said the Offaly born troubadour, whose biggest hit is the feel-good summer tune July.

 “I should have known better than to call a song after a month. Every year when it gets into fucking August the radio play drops off and the royalties dry up. It’d never happen to Bono.”

Mundy’s woes have been exacerbated this year, with Covid-19 travel restrictions putting a dampener on his other hit single Mexico.

“No one wants to listen to Mexico this year. They don’t want to be reminded of the joys of a place they can no longer get to while they’re stuck at home watching random shite on Netflix. It’d never happen to Chris Martin.”

Despite these setbacks, Mundy insists that he is not bitter, and has formulated a plan to improve his fortunes.

“You’ve got to roll with the punches. That’s why I’m going back into the studio to record 12 new cuts of July – one for each month of the year and a special Christmas version with sleigh bells tacked on. Some might call it cynical, but fuck it, needs must.”

Mundy’s new single August is available from Monday

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