Bangladeshi workers delight at Penneys reopening

Bangladeshi sweatshop workers have expressed their delight that Penneys has resumed trading following Covid-19 lockdown.

The retail giant opened its doors on Friday to the relief of Irish consumers, many of whom had gone up to three months without buying new clothes.

“It’s a great day for all our workers,” said a factory manager. “It’s important to know we’re making a difference by creating cheap, disposable clothing for the people of Ireland.

If we keep saving our wages very, very hard someday we may come together and buy a Penneys t-shirt for the community. That is our dream.”

 The manager revealed that he had received messages of support from Penneys customers urging workers to stay positive during lockdown.

“It was amazing to hear from the likes of Mary in Clondalkin, who told us that our clothes are perfect for bringing on holidays, as you can just leave them behind and travel light.

Sandra from Bray told us that she buys a new top every week and puts the old one in her dog’s bed. She said her dog was relying on us.

We put our blood and tears into these garments, 24 hours a day, so it is wonderful to see the joy they bring to Mary and Sandra and all the people of Ireland.”

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