Eamon Ryan to release hip hop album

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan is making headlines again after announcing plans to release his debut hip hop album.

Ryan, who owns two Dr. Dre albums and once swore at a traffic warden, told colleagues that it was time for the Greens to “represent.”

The environmentally themed album, working title Greens with Attitude, has been inspired by hip hop titans NWA and Vanilla Ice. It will provide a showcase for Ryan’s rumoured dope MC skills

Tracks recorded so far include protest anthems Fuck tha Polluters and Straight Outta the Ozone, as well as the polar icecap lament Ice Ice Melting.

“This Green shit just got real,” said Ryan as he pedalled from the Dail on his low-rider bicycle

Not all party members have welcomed Ryan’s career move. Supporters of leadership rival Catherine Martin have formed their own hip hop group Polluter’s Enemy, leading to fears of an East Coast/West Coast Green rivalry.

  “We don’t want Eamon to be our 2Pac,” said one concerned supporter, “even though we admire his posthumous recycling record.”

Martin was not available for comment, but is understood to have recently purchased several Biggie Smalls albums and enrolled in beatboxing classes.

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