Healy-Rae calls for Kerry to be re-opened

Michael Healy-Rae has released a statement, calling on the government to revise their lockdown exit strategy to open the entire county of Kerry as Phase 1.

“The people of Kerry have already paid a heavy price. We’ve not seen head nor tail of an American tourist for weeks.

 The national parks of Killarney, the splendour of The Ring of Kerry, all deserted. Poor ol’ Fungi is getting fierce lonely without anyone to go for a bite or pint with.

    Us Kerry folk are a hardy bunch, but there’s only so long we can cope with our bars, restaurants and hotels being closed. We don’t want to be digging into our gold reserve.

 I’m calling on the government to open up the county of Kerry from 18th May – let us be the release valve for the nation. People can come to spend their Covid-19 payments, enjoy our bountiful nature, have a few pints and breathe in that restorative Kerry air.

   The country needs hope, the country needs Kerry. We are The Kingdom; the jewel of Ireland. Let’s open up Farranfore Airport for transatlantic flights. I’ve been on to Michael O’Leary and he’s keen.

   Obviously, we’ll be conscious of social distancing and there’ll be strict quotas on the numbers we let in, especially from Cork.”

    The government has yet to respond.

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