Freedom of town for local man after watching every piece of shite on Netflix

A Local content enthusiast has been awarded the freedom of the town after successfully watching every single program on Netflix.

  Large crowds turned out at town hall to watch Tom O’Hawk, who has watched every single minute of those awful Adam Sandler films and all the other shite everyone skips over, receive a ceremonial Golden Remote from the Mayor.

    “I didn’t think it was such a big deal,” said a bemused O’Hawk, who dressed for the occasion in his standard Netflix viewing outfit of black shorts and old white t-shirt. “The town must be really gone to shit if they’re celebrating something like this.”

     O’Hawk, who admitted to having watched only a moderate amount of Netflix until losing his job six months ago, said that there had been “fuck all else” to do between trips to the post office and futile attempts at job searching.

     “Tom is a role-model for the young people of the town,” said the Mayor. “Losing his job could have sent him into the usual spiral of drink, drugs and enforced prostitution, but instead he picked himself up, focused on a goal, and achieved the impossible.”

    Asked how he planned to follow up this momentous achievement, O’Hawk shrugged and mumbled something about downloading a VPN and trying out US Netflix. His ambition knows no bounds.

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