RTE bringing back Bosco to comfort nation

RTE is to bring back 80’s children’s TV legend Bosco to help comfort the nation through the Covid-19 crisis.

   The red-headed puppet, who is beloved of many Irish adults, was famed for his unique brand of infectious enthusiasm and haughty condescension.

     “During this crisis people need entertainment to distract from the grim headlines” said an RTE spokesperson “that’s why we’re filming new Bosco episodes to bring hope and laughter to the nation.”

     Amongst the iconic segments returning will be The Magic Door, and make and do sessions, with the nation now in possession of infinite amounts of empty toilet rolls.

     “We’ll have the whole nation singing tidy-up, goodbye, goodbye,” said the spokesperson, who stated that the show would also promote safe scissors usage.

    Some changes will be made to reflect the current climate. Bosco will not utter his famed “tá sé uafásach ar fad” catchphrase. Instead, to promote positivity he will tell viewers “tá gach rud go hiontach.”

      Some of Bosco’s more famous helpers such as Marian and Frank are rumoured to be returning to assist the red-headed diva.

    Two performers not returning are Sheila and Seamus McSpud, of Savers Supermarket. The pair, who now live on Achill Island, are believed to fear for their safety should food shortages become more prevalent.

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