Dunphy: Covid-19 ‘not a great virus’

Professional shit-stirrer Eamon Dunphy has launched a blistering attack on Covid-19, claiming it is ‘not a great virus.’

Dunphy, who is currently self-isolating against the virus, made the claim as cabin fever invariably took hold.

“This Covid-19, people are saying it is world class, a real player, but it’s not. It’s not even Champions League material,” said Dunphy.

“The Spanish-Flu outbreak of 1918 was world class. A great finisher. John Giles was world class, he could break a man in half with one flick of his boot. Could Covid-19 do that? I think not.

If you put Covid-19 on the pitch against Gilesy or Liam Brady they’d take it to school. Show it what the game is all about

   Covid-19 is the Cristiano Ronaldo of the virus world, a show-pony, a puffball. It doesn’t have the substance of SARS, or even Ebola, or the range of AIDS.

   Causing a high temperature and a bit of a cough does not make you a great finisher. Liverpool are in the market for an attacker, but if you asked Jurgen Klopp if the high-flying Covid-19 ever entered his thoughts you’d be greeted with a resounding Nein!”

    Dunphy did concede that Covid-19 could potentially be more effective at international level due to the poorer level of defending.

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