NRA encourages ‘shoot on sight’ Coronavirus Policy

The National Rifle Association has responded to the growing threat of Covid-19 in the US by encouraging members to shoot on sight at the infected.

“This disease is highly contagious” said an NRA spokesperson, “and could even spread to God-fearing gun owners.”

   The spokesperson stated that due to the unprecedented threat they were advising all members to take aim at “anyone coughing or sneezing within a ten mile radius.”

    “This disease is fundamentally un-American and is being spread by dirty foreigners, especially the Chinese. Therefore members should take extra precautions.”

   The organisation has mailed a numbered colour tone chart to members and stated that “Anyone encountered with an accent or a skin tone darker than number three should be eliminated.”

   The NRAs actions have led to widespread condemnation, with members of the international community labelling them “reckless” and “hateful.”

The spokesperson conceded that while the guidelines could be perceived as “extreme” the most important thing during this emergency was for “second amendment rights to be preserved, and exercised.”

    DTTN understands that the NRA will also lobby Washington to ensure all active medicals staff are armed for the duration of the outbreak.

     President Trump welcomed the NRA initiative, stating that it was important for national organisations to lead with a responsible, pro-active crisis plan.

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