Local Glory Hunter pondering Liverpool switch

A local glory hunter is seriously considering becoming a Liverpool supporter after watching The Red’s inexorable march towards their first title in 30 years.

   Gary Winner (32), currently supports Manchester City, but is disappointed by their recent performances and has reservations about following a team who may not play Champion’s League football next season.

The father of none, who has previously supported Manchester United and Chelsea, confided in friends that “Klopp is much cooler than that baldy twat Pep” and that he “especially likes his glasses.”

    Winner has been spotted lingering by Liverpool replica jerseys at the local sports shop and is believed to be waiting for the Reds to secure the Premier League title before making a purchase.

    “When I supported United I found the red very slimming,” he said “so the Liverpool jersey will really suit me.”

      The Sky Sports subscriber has expressed a strong liking for Sadio Mane and Mo Salah as “they score all the goals.”

   DTTN sources indicate that Winner will be getting ‘Champions 2019-20’ emblazoned on the back of his jersey, should he go ahead with his controversial switch.

     However, Winner is understood to be willing to offer City a chance to retain his allegiance should they win this season’s Champion’s League.

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