GE 2020 – The Fianna Fail Manifesto

With the General Election fast approaching DTTN has offered the main political parties the chance to present their manifestos to our readers. Today we hear from Fianna Fail councillor Eddie Cash.

    Fine Gael have broken Ireland. Tin Man Kenny teed us up and social media influencer Varadkar knocked us out of the fecking park. But, what more would you expect from the Blueshirts?

  Vote Fianna Fail and we will rebuild the country, brick by brick, development by ill-advised development. We might not take the actions that the country wants, or needs, but the one thing we can guarantee is action. And lots of it.

     Some of our historical activities may have been inappropriate, or downright illegal, but that’s all changed under Michael Martin. Look into those eyes and grasp that clammy hand and then ask yourself, could a man that watery really be on the take?

     Our opponents still criticise our brown envelope culture, but they have it wrong. No one in Fianna Fail has accepted a brown envelope in years. We all have Paypal now. It’s much more secure and highly convenient.

     We are the party of Ireland, all things to all people at all times, so we’re proposing lots and lots of tax cuts and benefits that definitely won’t be revoked or put the country’s finances in peril. Look at Michael’s watery visage. You can trust us.

Vote Fianna Fail.

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