Local Vegan to take Meatanuary Challenge

Local vegan Mary O’Leary has vowed to eat meat with every meal for the month of January as a reaction to the increasing popularity of Veganuary.

“I’m sick of all these meat-eaters virtue signalling and posting smug selfies with tofu stir-fries on Instagram,” said O’ Leary. “Veganism is a way of life, not just a hashtag to help you lose the Christmas weight.”

    O’Leary, who has been vegan since fever dreaming a conversation with Dolly the Sheep, told DTTN over breakfast that she had already been to the butchers to stock up for the month ahead.

     “You look at the shite these meat-eaters eat and it’s no wonder they’re all so angry and constipated,” said O’Leary as she tucked into a bowl of porridge with lardons and shaved black pudding.

     “I’m having to ‘meat up’ my usual menu to make it palatable,” said O’Leary, who’s planning to eat green salad with a diced Rustler burger for lunch and spicy couscous with blanched Steak and Kidney pie for dinner.

     O’Leary, who will be sharing progress of her brave challenge on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp is hoping to start a new movement, and maybe get a book deal.

    “It’s all about raising awareness. Meat-eaters shouldn’t be allowed monopolise the social media conversation. I encourage vegans everywhere to come together this January and eat some meat.” 

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