Prince Andrew accused of treating Pizza Express as personal buffet

Prince Andrew has been plunged into fresh controversy as a number of traumatised diners have accused the embattled British royal of scoffing their dinner at Pizza Express in Woking.

   Andrew, who definitely brought his daughter to dine at the chain restaurant in 2001, is reported to have acted like “a lunatic,” running around the room liberating pizza slices, fries and desserts from the plates of other diners, including several children.

   “At first he sat there quite civilly,” said one distressed victim who lost two slices of deep pan pepperoni, “but then it was if a switch went off. He was all over the room with a mad look in his eyes, stabbing at any plate he saw with his fork.”

     Another victim reported damage to a specially baked birthday cake that ruined a family celebration of her daughter’s 17th birthday.

It is believed that Andrew may have mistaken the restaurant for Pizza Hut, whose unlimited lunch buffet The Windsors are notoriously fond of. With no buffet located it appears that the royal sense of entitlement kicked in.

Down the Town News reached out to Andrew for comment, but he was still grounded after making a holy show of himself on the BBC.

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