Tubridy and Bono to honour Gaybo with Harley Ride

Late Late Show presenter Ryan Tubridy and U2 frontman Bono are to honour the memory of broadcasting legend Gay Byrne with a sponsored Harley Davidson ride.

    Tubridy, often referred to as the Bono of TV presenters, announced that the pair will be riding from Montrose to Howth Head, in a journey to be broadcast live on his radio show.

    Bono, also known as the Tubridy of rock, stated that Byrne had been an inspiration to the band during their early years and had “really helped get those receipts rolling in, man.”

     The RSA, who Byrne was a prominent spokesperson for, has expressed concern that the pair could pose a safety hazard to motorists due to them sitting on the body parts they speak through for the duration of the journey.

      However, RTE has revealed that the pair will be accompanied by a garda escort, to ensure that no one is driven off the road by their inane witterings.

     Public reaction to the announcement has been mixed, with many stating that RTE should find a more appropriate way to honour Ireland’s greatest broadcaster.

    One man, who refused to be named, expressed a hope that Bono and Tubridy would “keep on driving off the fucking Head and leave us in peace.”

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