Films with Dion Hegarty – Judy

I’ll be honest with you here, I have no idea who Judy Garland is. Wikipedia tells me that she starred in something called The Wizard of Oz, which features a young girl, a lion, a scarecrow, some manner of tin contraption and a dog.

   From what I can tell it’s a prototype Avengers style romp where a group of misfits track down and dispatch the wizard, who has stolen their superpowers.

     Frankly, it seems ridiculous that a wizard could be defeated by such a ragtag bunch. It is not a defeat that would have befallen Colonel John Matrix in the seminal Commando.

    Colonel Matrix would have taken a flamethrower to the scarecrow, then melted the metal fellow down into a samurai blade to dispatch the other jokers with. He may have kept the dog as a comedy sidekick, but he could just as easily dropkicked it back to Kansas.

     Judy is played by Bridget Jones, who is looking well, to be fair. It turns out that not only did Judy star in that film, but she also did a bit of singing and some other boring shit.

    There was a lot of talking in this film, and Judy seems to have some emotional and medical issues, or something. I fell asleep before the end so am unable to confirm if there were any car chases or scenes of mass destruction, but it seems unlikely.

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