Youthful Trump vows to Make America Cool Again

The political world is still abuzz from last night’s Presidential Debate on CNN where whipper snapper Donald Trump (78) put old man Joe Biden (81) in his place.

“I’m young, so, so young. And energetic, I run marathons as I sleep!” said Trump. “Doctors say I may be the single most vital man in human history. The only thing Joe has running is his nose.

I understand the young people. Their culture is truly great. I have listened to all of Spotify, and I’ve got to say it’s tremendous. These songs, so many great songs, about things. I understand them all. I especially enjoyed Stormzy. She goes hard.

Slanderous corrupt judges want me in jail, just like they have done with so many other innocent patriots. Sure, I may be a felon, but I am just like all the great felons watching at home. I say being a felon is cool!

Do you know who has never committed a felony? Joe Biden. He’s too busy sitting in his ivory tower judging us all and raising gas prices. Sad. How can you love this great country if you won’t commit a felony for it?

So, my fellow young Americans; join me in putting your MAGA cap on backwards and rapping about the future of this great country. Let’s Make America Cool Again.

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