Jack Chambers hits back at ‘too young’ comments

Ireland’s new Minister for Finance Jack Chambers has hit back at commentators taking jabs at his relative youth.

The 33 year old, who has become the second youngest Minister for Finance in the state’s history, told DTTN over juice and cookies that the comments were just “begrudgery” and “reverse ageism.”

“I’m young, exciting and vital, just like the Fianna Fail parliamentary party,” said Chambers. “I’ve already achieved more by my afternoon nap than any of these critics could in a whole week.

I’m very fiscally responsible. My parents have given me my own credit card, for emergencies only! No ordering pizza, or games from the Play Store! Did I mention I have my own phone too? It’s a Samsung! But I’m not allowed go on social media.”

Chambers went on to state that he was planning a budget to benefit the young people of Ireland, instead of “all those boring budgets giving everything to old farts.”

“I’ll be abolishing the sugar tax. I run on Red Monster! And I’ll be lowering the VAT rate for junk food. Big Macs for all! And I’ll be giving a free PS5 to all qualifying households. Means tested of course.”

With that Chambers ended the interview as it was time for his bottle.

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