John O’Shea fan club continues to push for his appointment

The John O’Shea fan club, comprising of RTE Sport and the Ireland old boys club, is continuing to push for the Waterford man to be made permanent manager of the men’s senior football team.

Despite four mediocre performances yielding a solitary win courtesy of a comically butchered counter, O’Shea’s cheerleaders can’t stop singing his praises. Below are some of their recent pronouncements:

“He looks great in a suit. If you squint really hard he’d almost pass as Italian and that’s good enough for me.” – Liam Brady

“I saw Sheasy in action at a carvery last week and what a class act. He showed great discipline by eating all his vegetables, even those stringy bits of cabbage. And no dessert. He’s a great role model for young players. Foreign managers wouldn’t even eat a carvery.” – Roy Keane

“Who? Ah, yes, John O’Shea, sure, why not? I’ll say whatever RTE want as long as they keep paying me and I get to go on the lash with Eamon and Liam.” – Did Hamann

“Fuck the Brits, up the ‘RA, Stephen Kenny wears a bra! What was the question again?” -James McClean

“John O’Shea is not a great manager. He couldn’t even manage a Maxol. Could you imagine his attempts and dispensing diesel and buttering hot chicken baguettes? He’d be fired faster than you could say FAI. That said, I may have placed a considerable bet on him while tipsy, so Sheasy in, baby!” – Eamon Dunphy

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