Local woman plans on being Rupert Murdoch’s sixth wife

Media mogul lizard Rupert Murdoch made the headlines again this weekend after getting married for the fifth time.

The Australian (93) tied the knot with Elena Zhukova (67) in California on Saturday, but one local woman is already looking ahead to Murdoch’s next marriage.

Sharon Curley (64), a retired hairdresser and former proprietor of Short and Curleys salon, told DTTN that she had already sent a detailed proposal to Fox Executives to pass on to Murdoch.

“Let’s face it,” said Curley. “I’m not getting any younger and the nest egg from the salon wasn’t what I’d hoped. Rupert will surely be available again once he’s 98 or 99. I’ve always liked an older man.”

Curley has rejected accusations from friends and family that her plan is motivated by greed.

“Rupert is an absolute stud. Just looking at his wrinkly peanut head makes me go weak at the knees. Of course the money doesn’t hurt, but that’s hardly my main concern. Anyone saying that is just a jealous bitch.”

Curley is already making preparations for her big day in five or six years time.

“I’m saving up for the botox, I’m dying the hair and I’ve one of those new push-up bras. I’m all set.”

Representatives for Murdoch were unavailable for comment, but are believed to have added Curley’s proposal to the pile.

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