Micheál Martin taking out dissidents in Fianna Fail ‘Fight Club’

Tanaiste and Angry Cork Man Micheál Martin has challenged rogue Fianna Fail MEP candidate Niall Blaney to throw up fists in a stunning rant.

The challenge was made after Blaney openly criticised the Fianna Fail electoral machine at press conference attended by Martin.

“I told Blaney that if it’s your first time standing for MEP then you have to fight, especially if you want to run your mouth,” said Martin. “I’ve already dealt with Cynthia Ní Mhurchú. She’s a tough bird; she’s been in RTE. She knows how to handle herself.

I’m not letting some langer from Donegal show up the party. The don’t even have Tanora up there. The fucker will never get elected, look at the head on him. In failure a member of Fianna Fail has a name. His name is Niall Blaney.

I’ve been leader of this poxy party since 2011 but only been Taoiseach for two years. This position was supposed to be a direct line to everlasting power. My predecessors did whatever they wanted and kept getting elected. I’ve done everything right, no shady shit, but only two fucking years. It’s not fair.

I’m pissed off. And if anyone wants to get in my way then they’d better be prepared to fight. Some people call it toxic masculinity, I call it the Fianna Fail way.”

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