Satan to launch Naked Gun reboot with OJ Simpson

Satan is to launch a reboot of the Naked Gun comedy series starring OJ Simpson.

In a surprise announcement The Prince of Darkness, who is a huge fan of the 1990s comedy series, is to direct with OJ Simpson to reprise his role as Detective Nordberg.

“I’ve been waiting for OJ’s arrival,” said Satan. “He’s the final piece in the jigsaw. The man just looks sensational in a pair of gloves and can handle a car at any speed. That’s star quality.”

Joining Simpson in the cast will be Margaret Thatcher in the lead role of Lt. Frank Drebbin, originally played by Leslie Nielsen, and Jeffrey Epstein as love interest Jane Spencer, a role originally played by Priscilla Presley.

“It’s tremendous,” said Satan. “We couldn’t get Nielsen, as he’s stuck in purgatory, but Margaret looks sensational in a silver wig and Jeffrey’s seductive performance is sure to get tongues wagging.”

Satan has won praise from film critics for bravely casting across gender roles.

“It’s an eye-popping piece of casting,” said The Guardian’s film critic. “Who knew that Hell could provide such enlightened guidance!”

Not all critics are convinced though, with DTTN’s own Dion Hegarty particularly scathing:

“Stunt casting can’t disguise a shit film sorely lacking in explosions and body count. Frankly, I would advise Satan to study Arnie’s seminal role as Colonel John Matrix in Commando to remedy this.”

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