“So much winning” – Trump breaks records for civil fines

Former US President Donald Trump is today celebrating after breaking more records in civil court actions.

Trump has been ordered to pay $355 million for fraud and banned from running businesses in New York for three years. This follows last month’s ruling that the fraudster owed writer E. Jean Carroll $83m for sexual assault.

“Every time I go to court I’m breaking records, so many records” said the sex offender. “These judges can charge what they want, but it means nothing. I am a wealthy man. So much money, it’s beautiful folks.”

Trump is due back in court in May for hoarding classified documents in his private residence and also faces charges relating to the January 6th insurrection.

“So much winning, and so much more ahead,” said the orange con-man. “Even when they try to stop me I break records. No president has paid so much in civil fines. Sleepy Joe couldn’t even afford $355.

Obviously, folks, this is still a witch hunt. Which is why I ask all my terrific supporters to donate bigly today. Despite being charged with fraud and sexual assault I will be President again in 2024. Nothing can stop me. Which is why this is such a great, great country. God bless America.”

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