Local man wades into TV Irish language row

A local man has waded into the Irish language row that erupted last week on Virgin Media’s Six O’Clock show, putting all the participants firmly in their place.

Johnny McNoise, along with dozens of others, watched as guest Ivan Yates and host Brian Dowling slagged off the Irish language in front of fellow guest, Gaeilgeor Sile Seoige.

And now McNoise has taken to Twitter to give the world his take:

“@Sixoclockshow – what a lot of bollocks,” said his tweet. “The Irish language was force fed to me in school for thirteen years. I’m not sitting here listening to it in my spare time.”

McNoise had harsh words for the controversy’s protagonists:

“Dowling couldn’t even win Big Brother. Yates; he’s failed in everything he’s done including being a controversialist. And as for Sile Seoige; I didn’t even know there was another Seoige besides Grainne.”

McNoise has now added Virgin Media One to Irish language station TG4 on his list of blocked TV channels.

“The Gaeilgeori Mafia can come for me. I’ll be waiting. I’ve seen John Wick and Home Alone. I know how to handle myself.”

The Gaeilgeori Mafia community continues to be outraged over the slight and is planning to apply for millions more in government subsidies to soothe their hurt feelings.

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