Premier League to award ten points to Manchester City

The investigation into Financial Fair Play breaches by Manchester City has concluded, with ten points to be awarded to the English champions.

A Premier League spokesperson stated that the points would be awarded effective immediately and apologised for any inconvenience the investigation caused the Abu Dhabi owned club.

“We are great admirers of Sheikh Mansour, Pep and the dozens and dozens of City’s highly priced lawyers and can only hope they forgive us for wasting their time with those trifling 115 technicalities.

They are obviously an institution of great sporting integrity, not like that shifty lot at Everton, who we hope get relegated.

To compensate our good friends at City we are awarding them an extra 10 points, which we hope goes some way to ensuring a fourth consecutive league title. We toast their continued success.”

City officials are understood to be prepared to reluctantly accept the ruling, although some are pushing for an additional ten points reward.

In unrelated news DTTN understands that the Premier League has chartered a private jet to fly high ranking officials and referees for an all-expenses paid week long trip to Dubai.

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