Rwanda horrified as Braverman charters yachts to transport immigrants

Rwandan officials have today reacted with horror to the news that disgraced British Home Secretary Cruella Braverman has chartered a fleet of yachts to transport immigrants to the East African country.

Braverman, whose sociopathy levels have soared after being sacked and seeing her trademark policy ruled as illegal, has gone rogue and is to undertake the 19 day voyage single-handedly.

“Immigrants and asylum seekers are always welcome in Rwanda,” said a government spokesperson, “but Cruella can turn her boat straight back around. We thought UK politicians were civilised diplomats. Then we met her.”

It is believed that Braverman is chartering three yachts – one for herself and her camera crew and two more to transport up to 150 asylum seekers that have been rounded up by her loyal constituents.

“Cruella knows better than any courts, or third-world governments,” said one Braverman supporter as he bundled some Syrians into the back of a van “Sunak and the Westminster elite think they can silence her, rehire her, then silence her again, but they can’t stop the will of the people.”

Braverman has sold the film rights of the voyage to Netflix who will broadcast Brave: Cruella’s voyage in the Heart of Darkness at a future date.

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