Opinion: Gary Lineker is out of touch with reality

By Sir Rupert Ramsbottom-Wigglechin III

There’s been a load of balderdash spoken about Gary Lineker and his Match of the Day chums in the past few days, and frankly it’s putting me right off my gin and victuals.

As I’ve said to anyone who’ll listen; the maid, the gardener, the nanny, BBC lifers like Lineker are overpaid, institutionalised, and out of touch with reality. The man wouldn’t know hardship if it hit him with a rolled up copy of The Daily Mail.

We’re well within our rights to stop these undesirables from overrunning our great nation. Suella’s plan seems rather smashing to me! These hordes of petty criminals and rapists should be confined to lesser countries like Ireland or France. The sickening crusade for ‘human rights’ is an obvious left-wing Marxist plot!

First they said we demonised the poor as beer-swilling, nylon-donning scroungers, then their deities such as Corbyn as Commie scum. And we were right!

Let’s face it, Premier League football just isn’t cricket.  Honest working folk should abandon their HDTV sports channels and head to their local sports ground to support British football played by real British men. They may even enjoy a half-time shandy!

In conclusion, it is coming home! Just not for Lineker and his ilk, who should be sacked, or at the very least, deported to Rwanda.

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