Local woman buys ill-fitting shoes, nearly ruins cousin’s wedding

A local woman was outraged after the shoes she was to wear to her cousin’s wedding did not fit, despite only ordering them two days before the ceremony.

   Rosie Strokes was shocked upon the shoe’s arrival to discover they were slightly too tight.

    “I mean, I’m a size four, I’ve always been a size four. The online retailer I ordered from should have known this,” said Strokes. “What is going on with their crazy sizings!”

    Strokes stated the retailer’s oversight was “completely thoughtless” and risked ruining her cousin’s big day, by completely throwing off the colour patterns of the official photos.

    “At such short notice I had to completely change my outfit with a new set of shoes, and a new bag. It was a hugely stressful experience, and the last thing my cousin needed the day before the wedding was being dragged around the shops to buy it for me.”

    A spokesperson for the retailer said that Strokes had been offered a refund, but that they could not accept responsibility for individual items not fitting as expected.

    Strokes proceeded to get completely rat-arsed at the wedding and broke her new shoe’s heel whilst dancing the Macarena. She has vowed to continue shopping with alternative online retailers.

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