Robert Troy: The Rise and Fall of the landlord TD

Fianna Fail TD Robert Troy this week resigned as Minister for State for failing to fully declare his property interests.

The Longford-Westmeath TD, has a portfolio of 11 properties, making him one of the 77 TDs and Senators who are active landlords.

DTTN sympathises with Mr. Troy. It must be exceedingly difficult to keep on top of the administration required to run a property portfolio in addition to managing his well-paid ministerial job and expense account.

His resignation may offer the 40 year old some succour, allowing him to relax in one of his, no doubt, beautifully appointed properties, and recharge as the rent money rolls into his bank account.

Mr. Troy may wish to use the time to check in with tenants, to query if repairs or maintenance are required, especially with reports of dangerous conditions at his Phibsborough property.

At the very least, he can offset the loss of his ministerial salary by raising rents.

DTTN salutes Mr. Troy and all the hard working landlords of Leinster House. Their work ethic and commitment to extracting as much money as possible out of public life is truly life-affirming.

They are an example to all the whingers and gougers around the country who claim they can’t make ends meet due the so-called ‘cost of living crisis.’

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