Trump: Democrats unlawfully applying the law

As FBI agents continue to rustle through classified documents and Big Mac wrappers at Mar-a-Lago, former US President Donald Trump has a launched a stinging attack on Democrat ‘snakes.’

“Rules and laws are for Democrats. That’s why I’ve proudly represented the GOP since coming down the Golden Escalators in 2015 – we don’t follow rules; we make them, tremendously. Look at how we dealt with those women wanting abortions, or those anti-gun nuts,” said Trump.

“These Democrat snakes think they can turn the tables, but let me tell you, no one has a bigger table than me, and it can’t be turned.

Why aren’t these FBI goons investigating Crooked Hilary’s pizza place? I wouldn’t be eating a slice from there, let me tell you that.

This unprecedented raid on my beautiful home is an affront to American patriots and our attempts to stamp out the radical left’s corrupt adherence to the law.

These are the same people that locked up hundreds of patriots purely for the crime of loving their country too much on January 6 last year. Their lawful ways need to be stopped, so we can make America great again.

Please rush in a donation immediately to publicly stand with me against this never ending witch hunt.”

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