E! names Zelensky as best dressed leader

Entertainment network E! has named Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as the best dressed leader in the current Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The network, the single greatest continuous inanity in human history, bestowed the honour on OMG Ukraine!, an hour long special discussing the war.

“Zelensky’s fashion choices are stylish yet functional. His olive green t-shirts speak of a modern leader, equally as comfortable on the front lines as he is signing legislation,” said one panel member.

“Ukraine couldn’t ask for a more dapper leader. War chic, baby,” said another panelist.

In contrast Russian Vladimir Putin came in for criticism from the E! brains trust.

“He’s just so staid, always in a suit, and with that same grim, vacant expression,” said a panellist.

“Totally,” agreed another. “He needs to mix it up with some pastels or funky ties that accentuate the endless void of his eyes.”

The OMG Ukraine! panel unanimously voted for Zelensky to win the inaugural Best Dressed Leader in a European Conflict award.

To show their appreciation for the Ukrainian Presidents fashion savvy, E! are selling replica olive green t-shirts from their web shop, with 1% of all proceeds going to the Ukrainian Relief Fund.

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