Johnson to release cover of Fight for your Right

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is somehow still clinging to power despite doing more dodgy shit than every character from The Sopranos combined

Johnson is facing overwhelming public condemnation for multiple lockdown breaching Downing Street parties. And in a stunning statement the PM has turned the tables by launching a scathing attack on his critics.

“The Conservative Party has been victimised and bullied by the greater British public for too long,” said a statement from Johnson. “It’s time we stood up for true Conservative values of doing what we want, when we want with zero consequences. We’re going to hit back with the power of rap”

The PM has brought together a crack team of Tory aides dubbed ‘The Bullingdon Boys’ to release a version of The Beastie Boys’ hit Fight for your Right that will serve as a diss track to the English public.

DTTN has obtained a copy of a lyric excerpt:

One wakes up late for parliament, one doesn’t want to go
One asks Carrie, please, but she still says no
One missed two votes, and no speech done
But Starmer drones on, he’s just no fun.

One has to fight for one’s right to party

The media caught one socialising, and they say, “No way!”
Those hypocrites are drinking all day
Man, living at Number 10 is such a drag
Carrie threw away one’s best nature mag

One has to fight for one’s right to party!

The track will be distributed as a free download on The Daily Mail website.

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