Boris Johnson to host re-launched Noel’s House Party

British Prime Minister is to host a new version of popular 90’s show Noel’s House Party, the BBC has announced.

The news comes following revelations that Johnson attended a number of lockdown flouting Downing Street shindigs last December, including a table quiz he hosted.

“Boris is showbiz,” said a BBC source, “And a natural successor to Noel Edmonds. He’s got the charisma, the comedy timing and knows what the common man wants.”

Johnson has expressed his excitement at the role, which will allow him a chance to “step away from that bothersome PM stuff” and “do something for the kids.”

BBC sources confirmed that the PM will play both the Noel Edmonds and Mr. Blobby roles, and will spend significant air time pieing himself in the face.

In further cost savings, the show’s infamous gunge machine will not be returning as according to the BBC “Boris unleashes a torrent of gunge every time he opens his mouth.”

TV critics have welcomed the move.

“Boris has been playing Gotcha with the British public for years now, infecting society, so this feels like a natural progression,” said The Guardian’s Culture Editor.

Boris’ House Party will air every day over Christmas and will feature light entertainment staples such as singing, dancing, quizzes and nibbles

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