Greek scholars to protest over naming of Omicron variant

Greek scholars around the world have expressed outrage over the naming of the new Covid Omicron variant.

The Wolrd Health Organisation skipped over nu and xi, the two next sequential letters in the Greek alphabet, in favour of Omicron.

“It’s a disgrace,” said one scholar. “The WHO thinks people are so stupid they’d confuse nu with new, and maybe they are. But there’s no need to skip Xi just to pander to the Chinese.”

“Covid is an important topic,” said another professor, “but not as important as correct usage of the Greek alphabet. These barbaric decisions are a sign of a society that has truly reached end times.”

The WHO has been bombarded by angry messages and calls from Greek scholars since their announcement on Friday, but told DTTN they are standing firm.

“These academic weirdos can get fucked,” said a surprisingly aggressive WHO spokesperson. “We’re trying to save lives here.”

The newly formed, and snappily titled, League for Correct Usage of the Greek Alphabet in the Naming of Pandemic Variants (LCUGANPV) has called on Greek scholars everywhere to take to the streets in protest.

“The WHO need to understand they can’t abuse the Greek alphabet just because it’s expedient. This means war!” said a LCUGANPV spokesperson.

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