Septic tank and ice cream van to feature in new series of Cheap Irish Homes

RTE’s hit property show Cheap Irish Homes is to return for a new series, and is getting even more extreme in the spaces it’s offering to potential home owners.

The show, presented by Maggie Molloy, offers first time buyers alternative budget routes onto the property ladder as they consider neglected cottages, old schools and post offices.

However, with property at a premium around the country the show is getting extra innovative for its new run.

“Viewers will be amazed by some of the incredible spaces Maggie has sourced,” said an RTE producer. “A real find was a disused septic tank in Roscommon that has been renovated into a stylish three bedroom home. Just keep the windows open!

We’ll also have a public toilet in Ennis, a used pizza box in Dalkey and, best of all, an old ice cream van that’s now a comfortable family home. Imagine being able to drive your house around the country, playing a jaunty jingle so friends can hear you coming. It’s the dream we all dream of!”

RTE have also announced a new animated sitcom Cheap Irish Gnomes, which features three gnome flatmates arguing over whose turn it is to pay the electricity bill.

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